Picking the brain of a professional trader

What if you could lift the curtain on how bookmakers operate? Even, if it was just a glimpse, it would be worth it.


Bookmakers have always been very secretive about themselves and about their business in general. We would love to know what is really going on in these companies, especially the punters that risk their money.

Up until now, any details about anything remotely connected to this field of work have been scarce and the access to people that might know things has been almost non-existant.

A few days ago, this changed.

Infobeto, which is a well-known sports and betting forum with thousands of members and filled with more that 1 million posts, is hosting a professional trader open to answering questions. The thread is still active, so I will update this article as the time passes adding more info and content.

Working as a professional trader

First of all, he mentions that it’s not something special, being a professional trader. It is just the specific field of work and that there not many people talking about it, that might increase the intrigue.

I think that sounds reasonable if you give it a thought and I am glad that I read that because it will abate any wild fantasies that some might have.

Regarding to specifically what he does, is that he produces specific data during the live matches and he makes sure that the video stream and the feed from the scouting team are synced in real time with the software that produces the odds.

Also, he checks the system, updates it when it glitches, which he mentions that happens all the time and he tries to detect any possible miscalculations concerning the odds using data from the company’s database.

It seems a lot to do and since time is money in this industry, how quickly you react is a major factor. I wonder what’s the working conditions like.

He says that it is a high pressured and really stressful job since you are managing a variety of markets and your aim is to produce good results. There are good times and bad ones, like in every other job. The bad ones include suspicious and/or fixed matches in which people lose their job because they did not react accordingly and in time.

Teamwork and cooperation seems to be key in coping with such a harsh environment, as he says that he is lucky because these things exist where he works.

He tries to improve himself and the way he works constantly, by reviewing his actions after his shift has ended and accepting any mistakes he might have done. Also, he tries to get as many facts and details as he can before making a decision.

Maybe some of his decisions are unfair and that is something that makes him feel uncomfortable, as he mentions. He is human after all, mistakes will be made. Life is not fair, is it ?

We have seen what a professional trader does and what the working conditions are like, but how do you get a job like that ?

The requirements as they are mentioned, are good math skills, proficient use of a computer, quick reflexes, being able to synchronize with the software, keeping close tabs on what’s happening, and the most important is to have been one of the punters so you know all the tricks and strategies that they use.

The whole interviewing and picking process is not mentioned, so there is a bit of mystery there.

Congratulations, you got the job, you are a professional trader, right ? Not, exactly. Based on your skills, knowledge, capabilities and past experience you go through specific training before you are placed in a room.

The amount of time that the training will last is not explicit and it depends on your capabilities and how quickly you are able to detect and correct any mistakes that might arise.

So, you got the job, got through the appropriate training but what about the money ?

The amount of money you will get paid depends on the kind of position you have, your experience and how you handle the markets. He does not mention anything more specific about it but on the bright side he says that if you are skilled you can get ahead.

This article is a work in progress, new info and content will be added regularly.

If you have any questions you want to ask, please leave them in the comments.



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